March 2018



All submissions are reviewed and edited by the Editorial Board and the editors of in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Higher Certification Commission (VAK) for research publications. The editors reserve the right to refuse to publish the submission or return it for improvement. Copyright is defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Attached to the submission must be an abstract of no more than 500 characters and a review by minimum one expert holding an academic degree in the thematic area chosen.

The editors will be grateful to authors for including a brief summary of the importance of the results in the concluding section.

  • A submission in Word 97/2000 for Windows may be sent to the editor-in-chief or to the secretary by e-mail to architecton@usaaa.ru; mlesnikova@usaaa.ru. If sent on a CD, it should have thee author’s name and the title of the article on it.
  • The article size must not exceed 17 pages including illustrations, which are welcome.


  • The electronic version should be identical to a hard-copy version.
  • The text should be spaced at 1.5 lines, the font being Times New Roman, font size 12, colour Automatic (black).
  • Scale = 100%. Normal position and kerning. No animation.
  • Page setup: left margin = 2.5 cm, right margin = not less than 1.0 cm, top margin = 2.5 см., bottom margin = 2.5 cm.
  • Alignment: justified.
  • If the submission contains tables, charts, diagrams, figures or formulas these should be numbered.
  • Diagrams and tables should have titles placed above the diagram or table, and each figure should have a caption below it.
  • Figures, tables, charts and captions to them are embedded in the text. Also, figures prepared in any graphic format are to be sent as a separate file in one of the following graphic formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG.
  • In the text please avoid:
    - hyphenation;
    - more than two spaces between words (use tabs for large shifts).
  • References in the text should be given in square brackets. A list of references should be given at the end of the submission.
  • In case of abstracts, the length should not exceed one page.
  • The name(s) of the author(s) and of the research supervisor with degrees and titles should be printed in the top right corner in lowercase.
  • The title of the submission should be centred and typed in uppercase.
  • Key words
  • The hard copies of the submission should be signed by the author(s) and the research supervisor.
  • Information about the author:
    - Full name; - Academic degree and title; - Place of work; - Position; - Telephone, e-mail; - Information about publications.
  • A photo of the author.

The submissions are sent for review to lead experts of the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts by thematic area.

The authors are notified of receipt of their submission within 1 or 2 days. If the submission does not meet the requirements, it may be returned for revision.

The original copy of the article with reviewers’ comments and proofs are kept for one year (as an official document) with reviews attached.

No publication fee is charged on postgraduate students.

Manuscript Submission and Review

1. The journal accepts manuscripts written strictly in accordance with the journal’s publication requirements.

2. Authors will be notified of receipt of their manuscript within 7 days. Failure to meet the submission requirements may result in return of the manuscript for revision.

3. Manuscripts received by the editors will be sent for review. The review and editing of the manuscripts (scientific, stylistic, technical) will be carried out by members of the editorial board and the editors of the journal in accordance with the requirements of the State Commission for Dissertation and Titles of the Russian Federation.

4. The editorial board reserves the right to either reject the manuscript altogether or to return it for revision. Should the manuscript fail to meet the requirements (with regard to relevance, scientific level, novelty, depth of research, and formal aspects), the author will be sent a motivated refusal with a copy of the reviewer’s comments. The reviewer’s identity may only be disclosed to the author with the reviewer’s consent.

5. The author will be notified of both positive and negative reviews.

6. Revised manuscripts will be sent for re-review.

7. The editorial board reserves the right to make editorial corrections that will not affect the essential contents of the manuscript.

8. The opinions of the author and the editors may differ, in which case a footnote will be provided in the article.

9. Reviewer fees will be paid based on manuscript size and review rates set by order of the rector of the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts.

10. Manuscripts will be published in the order of their receipt by the editors. If the manuscript is returned to the author for revision, the submission date will be the date of its re-submission.

11. One issue of the journal may contain no more than two articles of the same author.

12. Original manuscripts with editorial corrections and proofs will be kept in the journal’s archive for at least one year (as official documents) together with reviewer’s reports.

13. Manuscript hard copies and magnetic carriers will not be returned to the authors.

14. Doctoral students are exempt from the charge for publication of their manuscripts.

15.Manuscript publication will be carried out in accordance with contracts concluded with their authors.

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