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«Architecton: Proceedings of Higher Education» («Architecton» for short) is a web-based electronic journal dedicated to theory and research in the fields of architecture, urban planning, design, and fine and applied decorative arts.

The journal was founded first as a printed periodical in October 1992. Since May 2004 it is published on line only, with the continuous numbering of printed and online issues kept.

The founder of the journal is the Ural State University of Architecture and Art, a federal budget-funded higher education institution.

The journal is registered with the Depositary of Electronic Publications of the "Informregister" Federal Centre as electronic publication "Architecton: Proceedings of Higher Education", state registration number 0421200020 оf 19.09.2011

The journal is registered with the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (e-publication registration certificate No. ФС 77-50147 dated 06.06.2012) and with the ISSN International Centre (ISSN 1990-4126).

In 2006, the journal was included into the Russian Universal Scientific Electronic Library database; it also appears in the Russian Science Citation Index based on the eLIBRARY.ru platform.

«Architecton» is in the List of Leading Refereed Publications recommended by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles (VAK) for publishing academic research outcomes, which is annually reviewed and endorsed by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Russia.

The journal is included into the EBSCO Publishing and ULRICHSWEB directory.

The journal is circulated in the Russian Federation but also abroad.

The journal is a quarterly publication (March, June, September, December).

Manuscripts may be submitted any time around the year.

The languages of the journal are Russian and English.

The journal team are members of staff of the Ural State University of Architecture and Art.

«Architecton: Proceedings of Higher Education» is a winner of the Russian award «National Treasure» (Gold Medal).



To provide an opportunity to members of the research community (academic staff, practicing professionals, postgraduate and undergraduate students) to publish the results of their studies.



To consolidate research, practice and education in the fields of architecture, urban planning, design, and fine and applied decorative arts and to expand the information space.

To support exchange of information among researchers from different regions and countries.

To promote young researchers. The journal publishes an annual supplement containing the proceedings of the annual international conference «Current Issues in Architecture and Design».

To highlight important events in the fields of architecture and arts (exhibitions, forums, competitions, workshops, symposia, etc.).



«Architecton» welcomes research articles, reviews, reports of theoretical and applied study outcomes, and research and education proceedings corresponding to the journal’s policy in the following areas:

  • Theory and history of architecture, heritage restoration and reconstruction;
  • Architecture of built environment. Creative concepts of architectural activity;
  • Urban planning, rural planning;
  • Technical aesthetics and design;
  • Fine and decorative applied arts and architecture;
  • Theory and History of Art.


Main sections of the journal

  • Theory of architecture
  • History of architecture
  • Issues in vocational education
  • Architectural practice
  • Architectural criticism
  • Design
  • Applied decorative art
  • Fine art
  • New technologies
  • Urbanism
  • Heritage

Structure of the journal’s web-site

  • News (information about important events, competitions, exhibitions, etc.).
  • Archive (all previous issues and supplements starting from 2004 till the present time)
  • Competitions (brief information and links to official competition web-sites)
  • About the journal (editorial board policies, statistics, manuscript submission, editorial board, editors, addresses and contacts)
  • Links (web-sites of related journals)
  • Authors (a card file containing brief information about the authors and lists of their publications).


Basic principles

The journal pursues a policy of providing open access to research outcomes under Creative Commons licenses. The type of license should be determined by authors themselves.

Articles are published on the journal’s web-site in html and pdf formats. Published articles are kept at the editorial office and in the Russian Science Citation Index of the Russian Universal Science Library database.

Information about the activities of the journal, its editorial board, contacts, and technical information is regularly updated.

The journal accepts manuscripts describing research outcomes in accordance with the instructions to authors.

Manuscripts are edited in accordance with the requirements for scientific publications.

No fees are charged for publication; nor any fees are paid to authors.


Legal framework and ethics

The journal is guided by the international copyright laws, Russian legislation and international publishing standards.

Copyright remains with the author.

For the purpose of exercising its publication and distribution rights, the journal concludes an agreement with authors for transfer of non-exclusive publication rights to the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts.

The authors are fully responsible for the contents and methodological correctness of the article, validity of information presented in it, compliance with legislation, research ethics, and third party copyright.

No article from «Architecton» may be reproduced without prior notification of the editorial board; written permission from the author; and compulsory acknowledgment of «Architecton: Proceedings of Higher Education» (http://archvuz.ru) as the original publisher.

Only original unpublished works will be considered. Should identical texts of the same author be discovered in other printed and electronic media, no publication agreement will follow, or if already accepted, the contribution will be rejected.


Submission and review process

The journal accepts manuscripts written in accordance with the journal’s publication requirements. Failure to meet these requirements may result in return of the manuscript for revision. The editorial board and the editors reserve the right to accept manuscripts that do not fully meet the established requirements.

Authors will be notified of receipt of their manuscript within 7 days.

Manuscripts received by the editors will be first screened for plagiarism using the Antiplagiat database and only then sent for review. All manuscripts are reviewed by experts from higher education institutions of the Russian Federation. The editing of the manuscripts (scientific, stylistic, technical) will be carried out by members of the editorial board and the editors of the journal in accordance with the requirements of the State Commission for Dissertation and Titles of the Russian Federation for scientific publications.

The editorial board reserves the right to either reject the manuscript altogether or to return it for revision. Should the manuscript fail to meet the requirements (with regard to relevance, scientific level, novelty, depth of research, and formal aspects), the author will be sent a motivated refusal with a copy of the reviewer’s comments. The reviewer’s identity may only be disclosed to the author with the reviewer’s consent.

The author will be notified of both positive and negative reviews.

Revised manuscripts will be sent for re-review.

The editorial board reserves the right to make literary corrections in the manuscript.

Manuscripts will be published in the order of their receipt by the editors. If the manuscript is returned to the author for revision, the submission date will be the date of re-submission.

Only one article of the same author may be published in one issue of the journal. A second article (co-authorship) may be published by special decision of the editorial board.

Original manuscripts with the editorial corrections and proofs are kept in the journal’s archive for 5 years (as official documents) with reviewer’s reports, in accordance with the Federal Law «On Mandatory Copies of Documents» dated 29.12.1994, No. 77-FZ.

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