March 2018


«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 1(61) March 2018

Landscape design

Tseluiko Dmitry S.

Doctoral student, Subdepartment of Architecture and Urbanism,
Pacific National University,
Khabarovsk, Russia, e-mail: Dima123117@gmail.com


The article considers plans, techniques and principles of garden design and demonstrates extensive influence of the literature and painting on the traditional Chinese gardens. The modern-day gardens are influenced by new trends in architecture and technological achievements. The author reviews the following garden elements: walls, water, pavilions, scenery openings, p’ailou, and walkways. These elements are present in both traditional and modern-day gardens. The decor and forms of the elements have become poorer whilst retaining their meanings.

Key words: Chinese garden, garden elements, modern gardens of China, parametricism


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