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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 4(60) December 2017

History of architecture

Bazilevich Mikhail E.

PhD. student, Senior Lecturer, Subdepartment of Architecture and Urbanistics.
Research supervisor: Professor N.P. Kradin, Doctor of Architecture.
Pacific National University.
Khabarovsk, Russia, e-mail: mikhailbazilevich@gmail.com


The article considers the short period of Russian presence in Tianjin with a brief historical excursion into the history of the Russian Concession that stayed in the city from 1900 till 1920 and reviews the architecture of the buildings of the Russian-Chinese bank and the Russian Consulate, unique objects of the Russian historical architectural heritage still remaining in Tianjin. Information is provided about some Russian architects and engineers who lived and worked in Tianjin in emigration

Key words: Tianjin, Russian concession, Russian-Chinese bank, Russian consulate in China, architectural heritage


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Russian text of this article

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