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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 4(60) December 2017

Theory of architecture

Korotich Andrey V.

Doctor of Architecture,
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering,
Professor of the International Academy of Architecture, Honored Inventor of Russia.
Head of Architectural Shape-forming science research Laboratory of Ural Branch UralNIIproject of Central Science Researches and Projects Institute of Russian Federation Building Construction Ministry
Ekaterinburg, Russia, e-mail: avk-57@uniip.ru


The article elaborates on some current issues in the author's theory relating to the topological organisation of the shapes of modern shells with crystalline structure, identifies the main directions of their further development and shows new types of crystalline shells created by the author in the class of multi-faceted systems, as well as methods ways of their formation. Compositional prospects of this theory and resulting crystalline shells are outlined for various spheres of science, architecture, and design.

Key words: polyhedron, architectural form, module, composition, crystallography, polygon, plane, sectional view, axis, three-dimensional space


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