March 2018


«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 4(60) December 2017

Theory of architecture

Kiyanenko Konstantin V.

Doctor of Architecture,
Professor, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
Vologda State University
Vologda, Russia, e-mail: design@mh.vstu.edu.ru


An analysis of the most influential documents (guidelines and recommendations) preceding the design phase in the professional architectural practice in Russia and the USA suggests that there are two basic approaches to the development of a design brief – "normative-technical" and "social research oriented". Literally translated, the Russian term is "assignment for designing" or "technical assignment", while the English-speaking world uses the term «architectural program» or «design brief». This article is a continuation of the previous discussion that was started in "Architecton" (No.: 54,59) in which the author considered international and national systems of pre-design programming separately from the perspective of history, internal design and problems. Meanwhile, a direct comparison of the domestic strategies with the American ones provides more material for reflection and conclusions concerning the features and possible directions of development of the Russian methodology and techniques of architectural design at the "pre-design" stage.

Key words: design methodology, design brief, architectural programming, Russian-American comparisons


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