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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 4(60) December 2017

Theory of architecture

Ladik Elena I.

Senior Lecturer, Subdepartment of Architecture and Urban Planning.
V.G. Shukhov State Technological University,
Belgorod, Russia, e-mail: Krushelnitskaya1@rambler.ru

Perkova Margarita V.

Associate Professor, PhD. (Architecture),
Head of Subdepartment of Architecture and Urban Planning.
V.G. Shukhov State Technological University,
Belgorod, Russia, e-mail: perkova.margo@mail.ru


The article formulates recommendations for setting up recreation and tourism areas allowing for natural, historical and cultural features of South Russia steppe regions with reference to Belgorod region. Factors impeding the development of the sphere of leisure and tourism and priorities for the establishment of tourist zones in Belgorod region are identified including a tourist corridor of regional importance and a minor and major tourism ring. General recommendations are provided for establishment of core centres of leisure and tourism at various hierarchical levels and functional orientation, as well general recommendations for organisation of leisure zones in the city environment.

Key words: tourist recreation area, regional features, historical and cultural tourist potential, natural tourism potential, leisure and tourism centres


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