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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 4(60) December 2017

History of architecture

Bazilevich Mikhail E.

PhD. student, Senior Lecturer, Subdepartment of Architecture and Urbanistics.
Research supervisor: Professor N.P. Kradin, Doctor of Architecture.
Pacific National University.
Khabarovsk, Russia, e-mail: mikhailbazilevich@gmail.com

Kim Anton A.

Master of Architecture, Instructor, Subdepartment of Architecture and Urbanism.
Pacific National University,
Khabarovsk, Russia, e-mail: ant.kim@mail.ru


The article is devoted to the architecture of banking institutions in Tianjin. A compositional and stylistic analysis has been carried out, and an iconographic description of the buildings of the main banks located within the boundaries of the former European concessions is provided. The influence of their spatial and decorative solutions on the city planning ensemble is considered based on the example of North Jiefang Road located in Heping district. This short review has revealed the main principles of colonial structure form generation during that period: the prevalence of eclecticism which is based on Victorian and, partly, Edwardian architecture; violation of the European architectural canons and use of motives from classical Chinese architecture.

Key words: architecture of China, Tianjin, colonial architecture


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