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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 3(59) September 2017

Theory of architecture

Kiyanenko Konstantin V.

Doctor of Architecture,
Professor, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
Vologda State University
Vologda, Russia, e-mail: design@mh.vstu.edu.ru


The theme of “Design Brief" directs us towards the foundations of architectural work rooted in which are all preconditions of the future professional and public success or failure of its outcome. Given this, it is surprising how vague are some of the basic concepts relating to the pre-design phase at which the design brief is to be developed, and how ephemeral this phase itself is, considering some of the national regulatory documents. The article supports these statements by an analysis of the notions employed in the regulatory texts and a review of a selection of design agency web-sites describing the structure of the design process and Internet forums where professional designers chat. The author concludes that it would be necessary to revise the legal status of the pre-design phase and legalize its place in the design documentation development procedure, deal with terminological ambiguities, and clarify forms in which design briefs could exist.

Key words: pre-design phase, design brief, conceptual analysis


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