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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 3(59) September 2017

Theory of architecture

Ziyatdinov Zufar Z.

PhD. (Architecture),Сhief architect of the Penza city
Directorate of town planning and architecture, Penza,
Penza, Russia, e-mail: zzz@penzagp.ru


The article shows the scale of second home development in Russia and internationally and establishes relationship between growth in second homes and the economic efficiency of urban planning systems. In some areas, second homes lead to a shortage of vacant sites for development and thus provoke a rise in property and land prices, influence tax rates, change the land allocation balance in regions, affect city general plans, and require one-off and regular investments into erection of structures and development of the engineering and transport infrastructure. Development The cross-border character of second homes leads to an outflow of financial capitals into the countries where non-resident owners have their second homes. An increasing number of second homes of the «flat in the city» type reduces population and main housing density.

Key words: second home, summer houses, gardening allotments, regional settlement system, town-planning systems


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