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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 58 June 2017

History of architecture

Gerasimov Alexander P.

PhD. (Architecture), Associate Professor,
Subdepartment of Theory and History of Architecture Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building,
Tomsk, Russia, e-mail: gap11@sibmail.com


The article describes the influence of stone architecture on wooden housing construction in Western Siberian cities and consider the transformation of peasant houses into urban-type architecture. National ornaments are shown to be interrelated with baroque elements in the façade elements: window trims, pilasters, and friezes. The author investigates the characteristic features of baroque forms and their active use in wooden architecture. The influence of Russian baroque on the decorations of wooden housing facades is touched upon. Relationship between Classicism and Baroque is shown and their reflections in wooden architecture, and spreading of the styles in the eclecticism of the 19th century. New material on the theme under consideration is summarized. The author proposes to introduce a new notion into the scholarly studies of wooden architecture, i.e. « Siberian neo-Baroque».

Key words: wooden architecture, Baroque, Classicism, national ornament


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