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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 58 June 2017

Arts and crafts

Andreeva Anna P.

Student, Subdepartment of Textile Art.
Research Supervisor: M.S. Shirokovskikh, PhD. (Art Studies)
Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, e-mail: andreeva.anna1986@mail.ru


The article considers issues in converting traditional ornaments into patterns for mass production of textiles. The themes of the repeat pattern compositions in the projects of Eva Lundgren and other authors are reviewed. Based on a study of historical specimens and modern fabrics, interrelations between the current designs with the folk ornament of Sweden are revealed. Comparative illustrative material is presented and the practical importance of this study is emphasized.

Key words: textiles, design, Sweden, IKEA, Eva Lundgren (Swedish designer)


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