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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 55 September 2016

Theory of architecture

Astanin Dmitry M.

Instructor, Subdepartment of Urban Planning.
Saint-Petersburg state University of Architecture and Civil Engineering Director General,
ООО «Rustal. Northwest»;
Member of the Russian NGO «Russian Geographical Society»,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, e-mail: montenegro.astanin@mail.ru


The article presents a case study of the concept of ecological education (one of the main components of ecological tourism) in the national parks and reserves in the world and examines the influence of the framework concept on it. Russian and international experiences have enabled the author to propose a model for designing a system of interconnected eco-tourism outreach educational organizations in areas where eco-tourism is being developed, and to demonstrate it with reference to the central part of the Eastern Sayans (Altay-Sayans eco-region) as one of the main elements of the ecological framework for Krasnoyarsk region and the entire the Russian Federation.

Key words: territorial planning, territorial frameworks, ecological education, visit-centre, eco-tourism


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