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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 53 March 2016

Architectural critique

Mukhametov Dmitry V.

Master’s Degree student
Research supervisors: A.V. Shvets, S.S. Zhuikov.
Ural State University of Architecture and Art.
Ekaterinburg, Russia, e-mail: d-v-mukhametov@ya.ru


With time, each building becomes recognizable and develops the spirit of the place filling the urban environment with meanings. Such objects are places of attraction for residents creating a unique image of the city, becoming reflections of historical events, and keeping and projecting into the future the original meaning that was put into them. The article considers issues arising in the course of adaptation of historical buildings to modern-day contexts using as examples the buildings of the Museum of History of Ekaterinburg, Grammar School No.9, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Architecture and Design of the Ural State University of Architecture and Art, and determines their value for the architectural environment of the city after reconstruction.

Key words: reconstruction, change of functions, historical buildings


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