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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 52 December 2015

Theory of architecture

Lapshina Elena G.

Professor, PhD (Architecture),
Head of Department of Foundations of Architectural Design.
Penza State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering,
Penza, Russia, e-mail: elenlaps@mail.ru 


The author presents a study on spatial meaning images for new cities emerging in the context of the evolving techno-civilisation. The semantic aspect of architectural space is considered in its historical dynamics with reference to a historical and a new city as a human habitat, as well as its essence. Basic differences in spatial images and symbols between a new city and a historical one are identified. The architectural space of a city is considered through the lens of spatial image, symbol and mythologization unavoidably accompanying the sacralization of the place of residence by a human individual as the centre of his/her Universe.

Key words: image of the city, new city, city space, city myth


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