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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 49 March 2015

History of architecture

Sabrekova Olga A.

PhD student, Department of Industrial and Civil Construction.
Research supervisor: Associate Professor N.N. Dmitriyeva, PhD. (Architecture).
M.Kalashnikov State Technical University,
Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, e-mail: o.sabrekova@mail.ru


The article presents the outcomes of a study into the late 18th – mid-19th century architecture of Izhevsk. The author reviews the plan and the spatial architecture in the evolution of the city. It is shown that the architecture and plan of Izhevsk developed under the effect of the same social, economic and cultural factors that influenced the plans and architecture of other Russian cities. Two periods are identified in the architecture and planning history of Izhevsk in the period under consideration, each of which has its own specific planning features, building typology, and stylistic treatment.

Key words: architectural spatial development, architecture of Izhevsk, mono-factory city, city master plan, building typology


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