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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 48 December 2014

Theory of architecture

Bazilevich Anatoly M.

Associate Professor, Department of Architecture
State University of Land Use Planning,
Moscow, Russia, e-mail: archigrad@bk.ru


The relationship between reconstruction and development of tourist infrastructure in historical cities has become an acute problem due, first of all, to the lack of systemc interactions between the relevant sectors, specifically between building construction (including urban planning) and tourism. In smaller cities, this problem is further aggravated by underfinancing and distance from regional centres.

The guidelines for reconstruction of heritage and tourism do not specify rules for calculating the number of tourist sights, their capacity, staffing, and area; not do they define the principles that should underlie the development of tourist facilities in relation to the historical part of a city.

The article reviews the functional structure, laws of placing and practice of using tourist facilities in smaller cities (Suzdal, Myshkin, Malye Korely). The author proposes a tentative structure for a multipurpose tourist facility as two groups of facilities, including five principal and six supporting ones.

The realisation of an optimal structure is illustrated using the small historical city of Tot’ma as an example. The need to ensure co-ordination between the urban planning structure and the tourism facility structure is emphasized

Key words: tourist infrastructure, multipurpose tourist complex, reconstruction of urban environment, small cities of Russia


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