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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 48 December 2014

Theory of architecture

Trubitsyna Natalya A.

Master’s Degree student, Faculty of Architecture.
Research supervisor: Professor M.Yu.Limonad, Doctor of Architecture.
State University of Land Use Planning,
Moscow, Russia, e-mail: natu.natuca@yandex.ru

Limonad Mikhail Yu.

Doctor of Architecture, Professor, Department of Architecture.
State University of Land Use Planning,
Moscow, Russia, e-mail: mlimonad@mail.ru


The article considers the importance of professional landscape architecture terms that make up the professional lexicon of landscape architects. The authors propose a definition for the concept of landscape architecture and define the newly introduced Russian terms lozheman, architectural landscaping construction, and architectural landscaping complex, etc.

Key words: landscape architecture, lozheman, deor, inkur, bosquet, architectural landscaping construction, architectural landscaping complex)


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