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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 47 September 2014

Theory of architecture

Vavilova Tatiana Ya.

PhD (Architecture), Associate Professor,
Architecture of Residential and Public Buildings,
Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering,
Samara, Russia, e-mail: vatatyan63@yandex.ru


This article considers issues of improving the environment of urbanized areas in the context of sustainable development. The author reviews and analyzes the theory and practical experiences of eco-village construction. Differences have been identified in relation to the motives behind their establishment, their classification, typology and urban planning principles in Russia and abroad. An attempt is made to prove that eco-villages must be established on the basis of eco-oriented "road maps" with the participation of architects. One of the most burning issues is the introduction of modern "green" technologies, which were successfully used in the construction of energy-efficient settlements. It is concluded that it is essential to integrate the qualitative characteristics of the two types of urban planning solutions for sustainable development.

Key words: eco-villages, energy-efficient settlements, town-planning principles, ecological technologies, sustainable development


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