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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 46 June 2014

Theory of architecture

Babich Vladimir N.

C.Sc. (Technology), Professor,
Chair of Theory of Architecture and Professional Communication,
Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts,
Ekaterinburg, Russia, e-mail: v.n.babich@mail.ru

Kremlev Alexander G.

D.Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Professor, Chair of Multimedia Technologies,
Department of Information and Mathematical Technologies and Economic Modelling,
Ural Federal University,
Ekaterinburg, Russia, e-mail: kremlev001@mail.ru

Kholodova Lyudmila P.

DSc. (Architecture), Professor, Head,
Chair of Theory of Architecture and Professional Communications,
Ural State University of Architecture and Art,
Ekaterinburg, Russia, e-mail: lph@usaaa.ru


The article considers a development concept for the architectural environment of a deprived area as a "space of compromise» from the perspective of a systems approach to the structural planning of basic elements and relationships between central subspaces based on mathematical modelling of social, economic, technological and other processes and city environment objects. The authors identify hidden mechanisms underlying the emergence and evolution of such environmental systems through identification of systemic relations, factors, and constructions. Tendencies are noted towards organic embedding of architectural elements into the environment resulting in integration of natural and anthropogenous landscapes (similarity of forms in architecture and design to natural forms).

Key words: a space of compromise, architectural design, mathematical methods in architecture


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