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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 45 March 2014


Chernykh Dmitry G.

Associate professor, Department of Design and Fine Arts, South Ural State University,
PhD student Saint-Petersburg State University of Technology and Design.
Research supervisor: Professor E.M. Glinternik, DSc. (Art Studies).
South Ural State University,
Chelyabinsk, Russia, e-mail: kopeytcanin@rambler.ru   


The article briefly outlines the history of replacement of the Russian historical style by avant-garde trends in 19th-20th century design and the onset of the era of postmodernism, which by the mid-20th century marked departure from the nihilism of neo-avant-garde and partial return to traditions. The specific features of the use of Russian ethnocultural motifs in 21st century design are identified. The author introduces the concept of "ethnodesign", which is contrasted with the opposing concept of « ethnic kitsch». By way of illustration, a few design projects are described and critically reviewed. The methods and techniques of ethnic kitsch are criticised. The author states the need for social responsibility among designers who develop designs on the basis of traditional culture.

Key words: ethnodesign, ethnic kitsch, graphic design, traditional culture


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