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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 45 March 2014

History of architecture

Olokhova Olga P.

PhD student, Department of History, Theory and Teaching Methodology.
Research supervisor: Professor V.M.Kirillov, DSc. (History).
Nizhny-Tagil State Academy of Social Pedagogy Academy,
Nizhny-Tagil, Russia, e-mail: polite87@yandex.ru   


National historiography relating to the construction and development of ‘socialist cities’ in the pre-war and post-war five-year periods is characterised. Analysis of historiographical findings and concepts is based on the recognition of methodological pluralism in social cognition and the need to take into account all scientific research relating to the subject of the study. The author distinguishes and characterizes three periods in the development of ‘socialist city’ historiography: the Soviet period (historiography of 1925—1991); the post-Soviet period (historiography of the mid-1980s — 1990s); and modern period of renewal of methodological tools (historiography of the turn of 21st century). The need to study the Soviet period in national history from the standpoint of modern «historiographic revolution» is stated.

Key words: ‘socialist city’ historiography, historical urbanism, social history, socialist industrialisation


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