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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 44 December 2013


Morozova Margarita A.

PhD (Art Studies),
Senior Researcher Laboratory of Technical Aesthetics, Design and Advertising.
Saint-Petersburg State University of Technology and Design,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, e-mail: ritamorozovapr@yandex.ru


The article considers the principle of formlessness as a special design paradigm in furniture design in the 20th– early 21st century. The author tracks back to the origins of the "formless" and reveals the relationship between the language of form and creative methods in the art of the 1960-1970s and in postmodernist design. The conclusion is that the phenomenon of the "formless" in design is determined socio-culturally and it is associated with technological advances.

Key words: furniture design, the phenomenon of "formless", method of the accidental


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