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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 44 December 2013


Aganina Nadezhda S.

PhD (Art Studies), Associate Professor,
Department of Graphic Design.
Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts,
Ekaterinburg, Russia, e-mail: mashanadya@gmail.com


The article considers the history of design and, primarily, of its methodology without which the institutionalization of design is impossible. The author comes to the conclusion that design was born in Germany, where the leading philosophical movements of the late 19th century introduced methodologism into the sphere of the aesthetic, which had been considered as incomprehensible from standpoint of reason. The rationalisation of aesthetics allowed the conflict between art and technology to be resolved, as a result of which design was born: in 1907, the first industrial association, "Werkbund", was set up, and Peter Behrens (1868–1940) came up with his first products of design.

Key words: design history, design methodology, design in Germany, Werkbund, Peter Behrens


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