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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 44 December 2013

Issues in education

Vlasov Victor G.

DSc (Art Studies), Professor, Chair of History of West European Art,
Saint-Petersburg State University,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, e-mail: natlukina@list.ru


The article reviews the essential questions of modern-day art studies which are important to answer for educating would-be historians, theorists and critics of art. These questions include: consistent definition of the scope and method of art creativity; relationship between the rational and the irrational in the subject studied and in the research method; mutual understanding between the artist, the historian, the theorist, the critic, and the art consumer. Solutions are ambiguous, as they assume plurality of answers. The possible solutions suggest questions which can be used in the form of polylogue (multilateral discussion) in the educational process.

Key words: blog, art studies, polylogue, typology, form generation


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