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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 43 September 2013

Urban studies

Ziyatdinov Zufar Z.

PhD. (Architecture),Сhief architect of the Penza city
Directorate of town planning and architecture, Penza,
Penza, Russia, e-mail: zzz@penzagp.ru


The author reviews statistical data and research findings of some domestic and international authors and argues against the idea of « second home » as a phenomenon that is pertinent exclusively to the urban way of life. Flats and apartments in cities are now actively acquired by residents of the near and far suburbs for the purpose of temporary stay. Many city dwellers move to the countryside and rural areas for permanent residence, using their flats or apartments in the city as their second home. The new functional use of the second home is shown in relation to its arrangement in a city environment. A rapidly increasing number of second homes in the cities reflects dissatisfaction with the current urban living environment and points to the need to change the paradigm of the current city-planning theory.

Key words: summer residences, allotments, houses for leisure time activities


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