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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 43 September 2013

History of architecture

Zarubina Natalia A.

Cultural Heritage Protection Service of Irkutsk Region,
Irkutsk, Russia, e-mail: natali.a.zarubin@yandex.ru

Meerovich Mark G.

DSc (History), DSc (Architecture),
Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering,
Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Architecture.
Irkutsk State Technical University,
Irkutsk, Russia, e-mail: memark@inbox.ru


In this article, the specific features of the façade decorations in the wooden civil architecture of Irkutsk are considered in the context of the Siberian baroque style. The study is the first of its kind into the history of Siberian (Irkutsk) baroque in the wooden architecture of Irkutsk. It formally maps and classifies types of label molds over window openings. Each of the types is assigned a conventional name and is given a short characteristic. The article also considers varieties of window fronts and slip sills of Irkutsk baroque.

The research methodology is based on the gathering, examination and analysis of pre-revolutionary and modern-day sources: written and graphic archival materials, texts, and on the findings of field studies involving photography and graphic analysis.

Key words: wooden architecture of Irkutsk, Siberian baroque, facade decor


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