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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 43 September 2013

Theory of architecture

Astanin Dmitry M.

Instructor, Subdepartment of Urban Planning.
Saint-Petersburg state University of Architecture and Civil Engineering Director General,
ООО «Rustal. Northwest»;
Member of the Russian NGO «Russian Geographical Society»,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, e-mail: montenegro.astanin@mail.ru


This article is devoted to the planning of ecological tourism in Siberia (with reference to Krasnoyarsk Region). The author considers the existing model, the basic principles of ecological tourism and their impact on the planning structure of the region’s tourism and recreation system. The resources available for the development of ecological tourism and its impact on the structural planning elements of the tourist and recreational areas are comprehensively assesses. Based on the findings, the author proposes a classification of tourist and recreation area plans by type, presents cases of successful ecological tourism in Russia and abroad, and proposes ways of its further development in Krasnoyarsk Region.

Key words: ecological tourism, tourist recreational zones, planning nodes, landscape route corridors


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