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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 42 June 2013

Theory of architecture

Babich Vladimir N.

C.Sc. (Technology), Professor,
Chair of Theory of Architecture and Professional Communication,
Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts,
Ekaterinburg, Russia, e-mail: v.n.babich@mail.ru

Kremlev Alexander G.

D.Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Professor, Chair of Multimedia Technologies,
Department of Information and Mathematical Technologies and Economic Modelling,
Ural Federal University,
Ekaterinburg, Russia, e-mail: kremlev001@mail.ru

Kholodova Lyudmila P.

DSc. (Architecture), Professor, Head,
Chair of Theory of Architecture and Professional Communications,
Ural State University of Architecture and Art,
Ekaterinburg, Russia, e-mail: lph@usaaa.ru


The modelling of complex developing systems of a natural, technical and social character (for example, city space) in the modern-day context is determined based on the principles of synergetics. It is therefore important to clearly understand the methodological foundations and technologies of such modelling. Synergetics describes the mechanism of self-organisation of complex systems in the condition of their instability. This makes it essential to define the factors and conditions that identify transients (including in architectural and town-planning formations): bifurcation points and possible fluctuations, probable scenarios of development, and cascade rhythm parameters that determine the pace characteristics. Also, noteworthy is the potential of information (computer) support for research, analysis and modelling of complex systems.


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Key words: synergetics, architectural work, architectural education

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