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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 42 June 2013

Issues in education

Baryshnikov Vitaly L.

Professor, Head of Chair of Painting,
Moscow Architectural Institute,
Moscow, Russia, e-mail: vit-bar@mail.ru

EMERGENCE AND EVOLUTION OF ART TRAINING AT HIGHER SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE(for the 70th anniversary of the Department of Painting at Moscow Architectural Institute)

"Painting" as a discipline at Moscow Architectural Institute features almost a century of evolution. Its roots go back to the traditional academic system of teaching graphic disciplines and innovative art propaedeutics at VHUTEMAS and Bauhaus. The contents of its programmes changed together with changes in architectural practice and political life in the country. The programmes and teaching methods have covered a road from applied assignments to those aimed at developing plastic culture and compositional thinking in students. The contemporary model of painting teaching programmes for students of architecture should combine the traditional fine art practice with formal analytical exercises.


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Key words: architectural education, higher artistic education, painting teaching methodology, Moscow Institute of Architecture

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