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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 41 March 2013

Theory of architecture

Soboleva Elizaveta V.

PhD student, Faculty of Design of architectural environment.
Research supervisor: Professor N.A. Morgun, PhD. (Architecture).
Department of Architecture and Urbanistics of Southern Federal University,
Rostov-on-Don, Russia, e-mail: elizaveta-sobolewa@yandex.ru



Health services are one of the sectors that determine the quality of life and social well-being in society. The obsolescence of hospital buildings and the need for their appropriate upgrading as socially significant objects is a topical issue. In the Rostov region, health is one the priorities in the regional social policy.

The article is an attempt to propose evidence-based principles of architectural and planning modernisation of medical institutions based on contemporary requirements for the organisation of medical and diagnostic services.

The findings of the study may be used in the development of regulatory documents and in architectural practice. They may help improve the quality of hospital design, ensure efficient operation, and contribute to a better and more expressive architectural image of modernised buildings.


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Key words: hospital complexes, hospital modernisation, reconstruction

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