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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 41 March 2013

History of architecture

Konysheva Evgeniya V.

PhD (Art Studies), Associate Professor,
Chair of Art and Culture Studies,
Southern Urals State University,
Chelyabinsk, Russia, e-mail: e_kon@mail.ru



The article is devoted to the Soviet period in the life and creativity of the German architect Kurt Meyer. It considers principal landmarks in his biography before arrival in the USSR and during the Moscow period, and reviews his creative career. K. Meyer is presented as an example of relationships between Soviet authorities and foreign consulting architects invited for implementing the accelerated urbanization plans of the first five-year periods.

Main attention is given to the Moscow re-planning project bid (1931 – 1932). In this connection, the author reviews K.Meyer's previous working experience in Cologne and sources of his design principles in the European town-planning practice of the 1900s – 1920s. Special emphasis is made on the influence of K.Meyer’s ideas on the 1935 master plan concept for Moscow. Also, the article reviews K.Meyer's activities as head of Mossovet’s Sixth Architectural Planning Studio that developed Moscow’s main street projects, and their effect with regard to the development of Moscow’s master plan. K.Meyer’s concept is used as a prism for showing the difficult and contradictory process of searching for Moscow planning principles in the first half of the 1930s and the establishment of a system of design organisations directly dealing with the planning of Moscow, and the role of ideology and Soviet power and party leadership.

The article is based on materials published in the Soviet press in the 1930s, as well as archival sources, including ones that have not yet been made available to the scholarly community.


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Key words: town planning, Moscow reconstruction projects, german architects, Kurt Meyer (architect)

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