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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 39 September 2012


Popova Dinara M.

Tutor, Chair of Design,
Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Orenburg State University.
Research supervisor: Professor O.B.Chepurova, PhD. (Art Studies),
Orenburg State University,
Orenburg, Russia, e-mail: TuysinaD@yandex.ru


The subject-matter of our study is design problems, including developmental technologies, in children's book design.

The purpose is to develop design problems in children's toy book design, examination and structuring of playing and developmental technologies in children's book design.

The author has used such methods as a survey, comparative analysis, and children's toy book design. The article provides a review of the current market of children's books. Students at the Orenburg State University designed models of children's toy books offering design concepts and playing technologies in children's toy book design with possible variations of materials combination.

The principal conclusions of the study are as follows:

– The children's book should be perceived as a range of interactions between artistic, semantic, and graphic concepts and technological manufacturing potentialities.

– In designing a children's toy book, it is essential to take into account the age of children. Each age group implies its own, individual approach to the design depending on the ability to perceive the design form of a children's toy book, in particular its form, colour, and contents. The book can have a powerful psychological impact on the emotional development of children.

– The design problems proposed are aimed at studying the dependence of design form on the functional purpose of the children's toy book.

– The specific feature of form generation in the design of children's books in the context of contemporary technologies is that it combines developmental, playing, training and polygraphic technologies.

Key words: children's toy book, developmental games, playing material environment, design problems

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