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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 36 December 2011

History of architecture

Steklova Irina A.

PhD (Art Studies), Associate Professor,
Penza State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering,
Penza, Russia, e-mail: i_steklo60@mail.ru


The issue of verbal stabilisation of meanings in architecture, which is the focus of this article, is considered in the context of fiction, which gained an exclusive status in the formation of Russian mentality owing to Alexander Pushkin’s creativity. The article shows how the literary works of this founder of contemporary national literature, who was involved in architecture no more than any other representative of the influential and demanding Russian cultural elite of the first third of the 19th century, touches upon – owing to the convergence of encyclopaedic erudition, absolute taste, internal freedom, and unsurpassed talent in the author – the intrinsic properties of architecture ensuring natural comprehension and acquisition of the multidimensionality of this phenomenon by generations of readers. The position voiced by the author is illustrated by a wide range of manually made images of Petersburg, presenting, due to a number of circumstances, a theme for a particularly thorough study. They were created by the poet over a period of 20 years, depicting the results of ardent impressions of lyceum adolescence to profound dialectic experiences of architectural space in maturity. An attempt is made to reconstruct the emotional contents and meanings of Petersburg’s architectural system in the contours of the concepts stated in the poetic, prosaic, publicist texts of Pushkin. There is objectivity identified in the accumulation of architectural semantics in reference art language associated with aesthetic and ethic national values.

Key words: Pushkin’s Petersburg, architectural semantics, architecture in Pushkin's lyrics

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