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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 34 June 2011

Theory of architecture

Sadykov Mikhail O.

Master’s degree student, USAAA. Research supervisor: Professor L.P.Kholodova, Doctor of Architecture, Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts, Ekaterinburg, Russia


Land use principles are rooted in human values and ideas about the world. Ideas dominating in society contradict natural science, and these misconceptions are present in the resettlement structure and are invariably reproduced in it. Related problems are having a substantial, mainly negative influence on city life and on the environment. The importance of changing the territorial planning principles has arisen because the currently realised concepts, including the concept of sustainable development, help resolve only specific problems without resolving their root causes.

According to the author, a possible alternative to the sustainable development concept is the concept of administration and trade cities which are not fixed geographically. The main objectives of the alternative concept should be soil conservation (allowing for the regional specifics of ecosystem dynamics manifesting itself in ecogenetic succession) and enhanced adaptability of changing social and economic conditions due to continuous upgrading of the urban structure.

The social rationale of this concept is supported by international town-planning practice. However, up till now geographic migration of cities has been provoked by catastrophies, and any attempts at non-violent upgrading of cities have been doomed to failure. This is explained by recent changes in the town-planning factors under the influence of progress in science and technology and incomplete understanding of principles underlying the functioning of the biosphere.

In the current context, the proposed concept has scientific and social support in favour of its realization despite its seemingly utopian character, but some interdisciplinary research is needed to gain more evidence.

Key words: territorial planning, resettlement system, monocity, urbanisation, geourbanistics, a development concept, ecocity, architectural metabolism, migrating city

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