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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 34 June 2011

History of architecture

Tokarev Artur G.

C.S. (Architecture), Associate Professor,
Institute of Architecture and Art, Southern Federal University,
Rostov-on-Don, Russia, e-mail: tokarev69@inbox.ru


It is difficult to overestimate the role of both capital cities, Moscow and Leningrad, in the architectural development of Rostov-on-Don in the 20th century. In that process, the decisive factor was not the number of visiting architects taking part in design work for Rostov but the quality and originality of the projects, each of which would become a landmark and, as a rule, one of the best of its time.

By the beginning of the Soviet period, a whole team of local architects were practicing in Rostov, who had received education before the 1917 revolution. It is owing to their efforts and creative potential that the built environment and the identity of the city formed by the turn of the century. Almost all architects stayed in the city after the revolution and continued with their creativity in a new social context. The article reviews the results of visiting, rather than local, architects and their influence on the architectural and planning practice in Rostov because just capital-city architects brought advanced professional ideas and introduced them to the creative community of the city.

The urban planning development of Rostov during the Soviet period was defined by projects of such town-planners as S.S.Shestakov, A.P.Ivanitsky, and V.N.Semenov.

The development of Rostov was influenced by realized and competition projects of such architects as I.A.Golosov, P.A.Golosov, M.Ya.Ginzburg, I.A.Fomin, B.A.Korshunov, V.A.Shchuko, V.G.Gelfreikh, G.B.Barkhin, A.Z.Grinberg, A.V.Vlasov, N.A.Trotsky, A.V.Barulin, V.S.Kubasov.

The professional work of leading capital-city architects translated advanced trends in architecture into the architectural life of provincial cities, which is fully applicable to Rostov-on-Don. The design work of each of the capital-city professionals in Rostov-on-Don was accompanied by the emergence of an architectural masterpiece irrespective of whether it would be realized or remain on paper. Competition projects, as well as constructed buildings, acted as a sort of quality reference standard by which the community of local architects was guided.

Key words: capital-city architects, architecture of Rostov-on-Don

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