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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 30 June 2010

Architectural critique

 Miftakova Yelena A.

Master’s degree student, Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts Research supervisors: Professor E.V.Koneva, C.Sc. (Architecture); Associate Professor I.V.Tarasova, C.Sc. (Architecture); Professor E.A.Lazareva, C.Sc. (Philology), Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts Ekaterinburg, Russia

ARCHITECTURE OF THE "BIG BROTHER". Interaction between a New Architectural Project and historical urban environment with reference to the "Limerance" Shopping Centre, Ekaterinburg

The article covers the issue of borrowing of elements in a new project from surrounding buildings. Borrowing is used to consider references in a modern-day project to the architectural tradition of constructivism.

Key words: Limerance (architectural project), constructivism, neoconstructivism, borrowing of elements.

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