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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 29 March 2010

Architectural critique

 Azarova Tatyana Yu.

Master’s Degree student, USAAA Research supervisors: Professor Yekaterina V. Koneva, Associate Professor I.V. Tarasova, Professor L.M.Volchkova

THE KING IS NAKED … Club-type apartment house "Tikhvin" in the city of Ekaterinburg: elite habitation or elite architecture?

The article considers one of the most vivid examples of elite habitation in the city of Ekaterinburg – the club-type apartment house "Tikhvin". Based on various attributes of elite habitation, the author separates the concepts «elite habitation» and «elite architecture».

Key words: club-type apartment house "Tikhvin"; elite habitation, elite architecture

Russian text of this article

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