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«Architecton: proceedings of higher education» № 28 December 2009

Architectural critique

 Sakharova Taisia I.

Master’s Degree student, USAAA. Research supervisors: Professor Ye.V.Koneva, Professor O.A.Shipitsyna


The article identifies problems that may arise in the reconstruction of a building using the Ekaterinburg Variety Theatre as an example. The authors consider contradictions between the existing architectural traditions and the social and economic context. Traditions in the design of variety theatres and music halls in Europe and Russian theatres during the Soviet period are described. Also, the authors analyze the reconstruction of the Ekaterinburg Variety Theatre from the viewpoint of internal space organisation, artistic and aesthetic qualities of the facade and detailing.

Key words: reconstruction of buildings; theatre design; Ekaterinburg Variety Theatre

Russian text of this article

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